Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pflaume "Salua" updated photo

Here is "Salua" with his owner at their summer working home in Kodiak, Alaska at 9 months old:

Monday, May 28, 2012


The Kriminalpolizei kennel surely must have captured the GSD founder's favor.  In 1925 he crowned Klodo vom Boxberg conformation champion.  Klodo's pedigree certainly reflects von Stephanitz's early efforts with a sound representation of the modern GSD's primary foundation sire, Hettel Uckermark.

However, Klodo's dam's second sire, Jung Tell von der Kriminalpolizei, forever cements this kennel's breeding efforts in our German shepherd dog today.

Jung Tell von der Kriminalpolizei:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

German shepherd dog dewlap:

There is plenty of concentration focused on the German shepherd dog’s physical characteristics that address the obvious structural issues. 

I see a trend in our breed that has not been approached.  The loose skin under the chin and on the front of the neck is certainly not acceptable.  Regardless, it remains and unfortunately is not commented upon.

There are some breeds of dog that have very loose skin around the front of the neck. 

I feel strongly that the GSD should have tight skin encapsulating the neck, male or female.  This is independent from the male “mane” that develops later towards his adult life.

I also concur that singling phenotypical traits is not part of a productive breeding program.  However, mindful consideration of the dewlap trait should eliminate it as an aberration in a decade if delicately addressed.