Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Puppy update

We have removed the whelping box from the whelping room, so the pups “den” has more than doubled in size for them.  Kora stays with us through the day except for periodic inspections and feedings of the puppies.

As a group, they have increased in weight about 500% from the day of whelp.  We are feeding a puppy brew to them 3 times a day in ever increasing proportion it seems.

Emerald continues to be a little lady.  Calm but bold, ready for any attention that may come her way. 

Pink remains feisty, but imparts hostility with jurisprudence.  She is definitely a sweetheart to humans, as they all are.

Halo and Emerald are so similar in appearance and temperament, if not for Halo’s white rear paw hairs, they would be twins.  Both are calm puppies.

Plum is vying for pack leader, but no puppy seems in a hurry to claim it.

Gold always stays calm.  He is totally content resting against me while watching the activity of his siblings.  Today he walked over to a quarrelling Pink and Halo, when only moments later the trio laid down for a nap.

Steel and Plum behave similarly, with high confidence and energy.

Aqua currently ranks as the feistiest.  After a bowl of water spilled and drenched her good, she abridged her growls and barks for a bit.  Now she’s back to her usually ways.  It is ironic that her German name, Wasser, in English is Water.

Rusty is very brave.  He has no qualms about leaving the whelping room in search of his mother.

His brother Vader, is so brave, he will keep tracking his mother until he finds her.  He has a good nose.  Rusty is usually not far behind, but Vader is the greatest traveler so far.

Most of them had a moment to meet their father Kohl for the first time.  After the first half of the litter or so, he lost interest and went to bed.

Next:  Preparing for the whelp

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