Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Halo "Jackson" Update

We have received several updates on the puppies from their respective owners over the weeks through email and Facebook.

One owner in Fairbanks has no internet connection so we receive monthly telephone calls to update us.  Jackson, formerly known as Halo, is growing huge per the report.  She impresses them with her intelligence, although we hear about that trait from all the owners.  One good "scolding" is all it takes to correct any misdeed, and she appears to think twice about doing it again.

She loves the cold, which is a good thing because it is 10 below in her area presently.  She plays for hours outside in the subzero temperatures.

Jackson has made good friends with the youngest of the 4 Shih tzus she is homed with, and keeps to herself around the others, who can be nasty to her from time to time.  One of the Shih tzus is a male and lured her a distance away from the house the other day.  They both got in trouble for venturing too far, and the new owner intends to monitor that closely in the future.  Luckily for Jackson, she has several acres to frolic around in.

Yesterday, Jackson alerted and made a "ruckus" at the door.  Bewildered, the owner investigated and found a Moose out in the yard.  He is very pleased with her ears and response to unusual happenings outside the home.  She reminds him of his first shepherd from many decades ago, and could not be happier with his new dog.

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