Monday, November 21, 2011

Puppy update

Here is a short report of the litter’s recent activity.

We have three different vacuums staged throughout the house all the time.  The pups are becoming more familiar with them.  The overall progress is very good.

After more than a week of gradual conditioning to increasingly loud music, the entire litter received a pass two nights ago when they all reacted perfectly during Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog at ridiculous levels.

Rostig and Stahl performed outstandingly last night when I tested their tracking in the snow, during a windstorm in a completely unknown yard.

I invited them into the back yard at dusk.  I quickly walked off to a dark bushy corner and hid.  Together they followed the perimeter of the yard in a deliberate and ordered fashion when eventually their noses worked up to me.  I could not believe their resolve against the 30 mph winds that created chaos all around them.  The way they worked the fence-line seemed as if Kohl’s Czech boarder patrol ancestors were manifesting themselves.  I am so proud of these dogs.

The pups prefer to relief themselves outside, but when duty calls and the doors are closed, paper training has really paid off.

The pups continue to meet new people and receive regular visits from the girls next door.  The girls are quickly becoming the pups favorite friends.

We have received a great response from several excellent potential owners throughout the state.  It is refreshing to know that Alaska has a strong community of savvy German shepherd enthusiasts.

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