Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trust, Respect and Manners

Respect from your dog is easy to describe.  Your position in the pack, as perceived by those that are naturally keen to pack structure (namely the dog) is the absolute indicator of the level of respect extended to you. 

I am not diving to depth in my thoughts on pack structure with these comments, but I feel it is important to know that your position in the pack is not secure without constant maintenance.  Additionally, an Alpha position you may hold in the living room does not establish an Alpha position in the bedroom, or kitchen, or the park.  Pack dominance if you care to have it, requires respect in all territories.

So if you are Alpha everywhere, you have respect everywhere.

The only gradient of respect I can perceive is fully proportional to the degree that you are challenged for Alpha.

Trust, is independent of respect and facilitated by manners.  You expect the best of manners from your dog, in return your good manners will only set an example as well as nurture trust between you and your dog.  If you are not clear how to extend the best of manners to you dog, spend sometime with a well-established dog pack. 

The Alpha does not barge and bully his way around as a matter of recreation.  In calm, normal conditions, all pack members move amongst themselves politely.  An insane, completely random pack leader will quickly become untrustable and a strong urge to escape the insanity or remove it will most certainly manifest.

Trust is the first and most important condition to established with your pack.

There are volumes of good information about pack structure, trust and respect, so good theory should not be hard to find.  You can e-mail me if you need any assistance in locating good advice.  My e-mail address is:

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